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Home Insurance

Why everybody needs HomeCare Insurance

HomeCare insurance protects the value of all the things in your home that you love, and it provides coverage for the people living there

HomeCare Insurance is for everybody living in a home, whether it is a rented or an owned property

Majority of residents in Qatar live in rented apartments or homes, which are typically insured by the landlord

What most of us are not aware of is that the contents of our home are not insured by the landlord’s insurance, nor is your maid and her liabilities

We’ve got you protected

If you damage your possession

We’ll cover it if you, a family member, or a guest accidentally damages or destroys your valuables and possessions – we’ll even cover if your pets damage your furniture

If you need to live somewhere else

If you’re unable to live in your home due to the damage caused by accidental fire, flood or any causes not excluded in the policy, we will cover the additional expenses for an alternative accommodation during the repairing period

If you damage or lose valuables outside your home

If your watch or jewellery is damaged or stolen outside your home, then we will cover that, too! While traveling, your home insurance will also cover specific valuables which are not covered by standard travel insurance

Products that protects you and your belongings

From pet damaging guests’ clothes and properties, to covering costs of your temporary residence while your house or apartment is being repaired from an accident, QIC’s HomeCare Insurance has got you covered!

Damage caused to visitor’s belongings

Loss of or damage to the belongings of your maid as well as injuries caused while working

Your liability against the landlord (e.g. if your villa has caught fire and it’s your fault, or if accidentally damage your landlord’s furniture)

Visitors accidentally damaging your possessions

Valuables damaged while with you outside your home

Personal accident benefit cover in case of serious accident

Without the HomeCare Insurance, you would not be compensated for the loss or damage of your valuables if there is an attempt of theft or an accident in your home

Without the HomeCare Insurance, you would have to pay for accidental damages caused to your landlord’s furniture

Without the HomeCare Insurance, you would have to compensate your maid / her family if she dies or gets full or partial disabled while working for you

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Ease your mind; be worry-free with QIC’s HomeCare Insurance

Our HomeCare Insurance has been designed to provide you with a feeling of security and peace of mind and covers you for damage or loss of your belongings, all at a very affordable price

We offer both building and contents insurance policies. In addition to our standard cover, we provide optional policy features, which you can add to your standard policy for a small fee. This way you can tailor the cover to suit your budget and needs

Basic Insurance Cover

Please refer to policy wordings for correct and detailed descriptions of covers and limits

The Basic Insurance cover starts at QR 450:- and provides cover for all your personal contents except the building value

This policy covers for damage due to accidental fire (caused due to smoking/short circuit)* or any other causes not excluded in the policy, water leakage (from air-condition ducts/fridge/bursting of taps/water tanks), explosion of gas cylinder (full/total damage), or loss of contents due to attempted burglary/theft, provided your doors were locked during the attempt

Built-in Additional Covers

Our Basic Insurance includes an extensive range of built-in free covers to provide you with a feeling of security

Even if you purchase insurance to cover your building, you could still enjoy the benefits of the built-in additional covers. These covers apply for your building and/or personal contents.

Building value cover (for owners)

Loss of or damage to personal contents

Additional expense for alternate accommodation. If your home becomes uninhabitable due to accidental fire/flood/ explosion, we will compensate a certain amount to pay for another place to stay during the repairs

Loss of or damage to domestic servant’s/driver’s property

Visitor’s personal effects, which includes cover up to QR 2,500 when a visitor accidentally breaks your personal contents

Cover for third party (including the landlord’s) liabilities due to property damage, bodily injury or death. We will compensate up to QR 350,000, subject to the limits of liability. This policy does not cover medical expenses

Optional Extras

Every individual has different priorities, which is why we offer a wide range of covers to include options so that you can get the right cover to suit your need:

Accidental damage to your contents. If you damage your LED TV while relocating, we will cover the cost of repairing or replacing your damaged TV at your address

Compensation for death/permanent disability (Personal Accident Benefit). We will give you or your spouse QR 100,000 for death/ permanent total disablement and/or permanent partial disablement

Domestic servant / driver. With this cover you’re protected from paying for servants / drivers accidents in your home and any disability / death that might arise from this

All Risk Worldwide Cover. This additional personal belongings cover insures your listed personal effects whether you are inside or outside your home. Moreover, this cover is applicable while you’re in Qatar and anywhere around the world. We will cover loss of or damage to your valuables

Buying or renewing your HomeCare Insurance

At QIC, our customers’ convenience and the quality of services we provide at the best price are of utmost importance

We understand the hassle one goes through when visiting a branch to manage insurances or make calls for subscriptions etc.

We are, therefore, proud to offer you www.qic-online.com, where you can purchase your home insurance at the click of a button

To make it even simpler, you can download our QIC App to manage your insurances easily from your smartphone

Alternatively, you can also make use of our free Home Delivery Service, where we deliver your new or renewed policy and collect the payment at the same time!

HomeCare Insurance prices

Basic cover Premium Cover Premium Plus Cover
Maximum value of home contents QR50,000:- QR75,000:- Above QR100,000:-
Annual insurance cost QR500:- QR750:- QR900:- + 0.5% of insured value above QR100,000:-
Covers included Basic covers as mentioned above Domestic servant / drivers death or disablement Domestic servant / drivers death or disablement; Personal Accident Benefit

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QIC Call Center: 8000 742 – open Saturday through Thursday from 7am-10pm

Product Manager: Shane Rommel De Rosario
QIC Retail Department

Rayane’s direct tel: +974 4496 2316

Email: shane.rosario@qic.com.qa

In case of an accident and a claim

Having an accident – and a claim to register – is always a hassle; we know this. We have therefore done our utmost to make registering and managing claims with us as easy and fast as possible

You can read much more about our HomeCare Insurance claims process here and you can always call us on 8000 742 for assistance or email us at personal.claims@qic.com.qa

Get a quote today and get 10% discount on your home insurance.

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