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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is more than a piece of paper

Buying your travel insurance should be more than just having the papers required for visiting Schengen countries – it is about providing the feeling of security for you and your family in the unfortunate event that things go wrong

Travel insurance with QIC gives you the security of knowing you and your family are in good hands, should something happen

We’ve got you protected

If you lost
your baggage

If your bags don’t show up when you do – or they are damaged – we will compensate you for the things you need in order to enjoy your travels uninterrupted

If your trip is cancelled or shortened

Do you have to cancel because you’re sick or for another reason beyond your control? No worries! We will reimburse a fixed amount to cover your incurred travel expenses

If you have Medical expenses

Need to go to the hospital while traveling? We’ll cover your expenses caused by accidents, illness and even food poisoning

Covers that protects you and your family

From lost or damaged luggage to accidents caused by terrorism, food poisoning, and more – QIC has got you covered!

Damage caused to your sports equipment

Damage that you accidentally cause to others during your travels

If an accident happens due to terrorism, we cover trip cancellation, medical expenses and personal accidents

Loss of passport; we’ll cover the replacement costs

Personal travel accidents

Overseas legal expenses

Optional Extra: Winter Sports Extension

We also offer to cover you if any accident occurs while skiing
Our Winter Sports Extension will make sure that you’re covered and you can enjoy skiing without worries
Click here for policy wordings

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Travel Without Trouble – Pay for Where You Travel

Travelcare Plus covers you for travel destinations across the world including USA, Canada as well as Schengen countries. All you have to do is select the travel destination (as categorized below) and pay the premium accordingly.

  • Regional – includes GCC, Arab countries, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Nepal and Bhutan.
  • Worldwide excluding USA and Canada- With this extensive cover, travellers could be covered for loss of baggage or any other travel related inconveniences like loss of Passport.
  • Worldwide- This cover has been designed for travellers who will be visiting the USA/Canada.
  • Fly Europe – This cover has been specially designed for travellers who are required to buy insurance to avail a visa for Schengen countries. This policy only covers for Medical Expenses up to USD 50,000.

Buying your travel insurance

At QIC, our customers’ convenience and the quality of services we provide at an equitable cost are of utmost importance

We understand the hassle one goes through when visiting a branch to manage insurances or make calls for subscriptions etc.

We are, therefore, proud to offer you www.qic-online.com, where you can purchase your travel insurance at the click of a button

To make it even simpler, you can download our QIC App manage your insurances easily from your smartphone

Travel policy prices

Single Trip (days) Regional Worldwide Excluding USA & Canada Worldwide Fly Europe
1 to 7 QR44:- QR87:- QR126:- QR50:-
8 to 14 QR72:- QR115:- QR168:- QR70:-
15 to 21 QR83:- QR150:- QR222:- QR90:-
22 to 31 QR99:- QR196:- QR288:- QR110:-
32 to 45 QR127:- QR234:- QR348:- QR150:-
46 to 60 QR154:- QR299:- QR444:- QR150:-
61 to 90 days QR350:- QR250:-
Annual QR650:- QR720:- QR450:-

TravelCare Plus policy wordings

*Annual Policy is for mutiple trips for maximum of 90 days

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QIC Call Center: 8000 742 – open Saturday through Thursday from 7am-10pm

Product Manager: Rayane Malak
QIC Retail Department

Rayane’s direct tel: +974 4496 2309

Email: rayane.malak@qic.com.qa

In case of a claim

Having a claim to register – is always a hassle; we know this. We have therefore done our utmost to make registering and managing claims with us as easy and fast as possible

You can read much more about our Travel Insurance claims process here and you can always call us on 8000 742 for assistance or email us at personal.claims@qic.com.qa

Get a quote today and get 10% discount on your travel insurance.

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