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QLM announces the launch of family healthcare insurance product

QLM announces the launch of family healthcare insurance product

Feb 03, 2021 (0) comment


The first of its kind in Qatar

QLM Life & Medical Insurance Company announces the launch of its family insurance product, a distinguished & unprecedented product which will be unique to the typical products in the health insurance sector, a first of its kind. This unique new product is designed to extend health coverage to families, it will meet the need of Qatari Nationals and the Expats who want to secure a health insurance coverage that they can depend on.

QLM’s family healthcare program will cover members for health-service expenses at private medical service providers including private hospitals, healthcare centres, private clinics, dental centres and pharmacies. The launch of family healthcare program is aligned to company’s strategy aimed at elevating its customer’s experience by offering distinctive services. Family healthcare program will be to our distinguished customers from the second quarter later this year, available through its branches and website at www.qlm.com.qa.

Mr. Fahad Al Suwaidi, CEO of QLM Life & Medical Insurance Company, commenting on this new milestone said “QLM’s vision is to continuously improve its customer’s experience by offering a range of distinctive products & services. This new family healthcare product reflects our commitment to our vision, which is designed after a thorough study of the current market statistics and customer needs while considering the factors that differentiates private medical sector in the State of Qatar from advanced health care services.

Through this product our customers will have access to comprehensive coverage of services such as medical diagnostics, medical dental services, pregnancy and childbirth services, optical services, physiotherapy, laboratories, surgeries and skin treatments, and coverage of chronic diseases and pre-existing conditions subject to the table of benefits, coverage of acute diseases and coverage of physical and complementary therapy, chiropractic treatment, acupuncture, osteopathy and Ayurveda and many other benefits, through four plans included in this product, and this product will be used by the largest network of medical service providers in the State of Qatar and the rest of the world.”

Fahad Al-Suwaidi further added that “QLM’s family healthcare insurance product will be inclusive of all segments of the society, from the families of Qatari nationals to families of expats with valid Qatar ID that work in various sectors & classes of our community, only to become the most comprehensive product in the insurance sector. It will further support company’s strategy to diversify its product lines and to meet the needs of customers and the insurance sector of a unique product that includes full or partial coverage of medical expenses for an individual”

Al-Suwaidi emphasized that considerations were given to how customers will obtain this product from different distribution channels and how they can benefit the most from the of use of this product within a given network of service providers which is easily accessible through their QID or QLM Membership cards which will work alike, it will give greater flexibility to our members.

Fahad Al-Suwaidi indicated that the price of the product has been set fittingly to ensure it is accessible to all segments of society which is in the best interest of our community, the benefits of each plan will vary by each type of service and service provider.

Speaking of the network of service providers, Al-Suwaidi pointed out, one of the most important features of this product is that it will include major hospitals within the network of service providers, especially Al-Ahli Hospital, Al-Emadi Hospital, Doha Clinic Hospital, Turkish Hospital and Aster Hospital, and the network will consist of more than 400 health centres, clinics and pharmacies in Qatar and globally the network will consist of more than 75,000 providers.

Fahad Al-Suwaidi stressed that the launch of the family insurance product exclusively gives all nationals and citizens of the State of Qatar the opportunity to obtain different layers of tailored coverage with a geographical coverage starting from the State of Qatar to worldwide, and deductibles for outpatient clinics starting from nil until up to 20% co-payment. Family product plans will include many privileges and services that are compatible with the needs of family members for comprehensive medical coverage of up to 3,000,000 Qatari riyals per person per year as a maximum limit.

QLM Life & Medical Insurance Company has the largest share of health insurance sector within the local market. With the launch of this product, the company aims to acquire a market size similar to medical insurance for individuals, and this product is an interpretation of the company’s experiences gained from the regional markets in which it operates and employing these experiences in the local market to promote the sector and create opportunities for competition in providing services, which will be in the favour of customers.

Mr. Ahmad Mohamed Zebeib, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of QLM Life & Medical Insurance Company, said: “This family product is just one of the company’s product, which is part of a series of products that the company will launch and will be witnessed by the local insurance sector, and this is the first step towards implementing the company’s strategy of diversification. In what it offers to its different customer segments, as one of the product’s goals is to provide health care for everyone at an affordable price.”

Ahmed Zebeib noted that the private medical sector within the State of Qatar is able to provide optimal solutions for medical services at the highest level and has the ability to manage health insurance products provided by insurance companies. The State’s great interest in health care has become the biggest motivation for the company to launch this product that will contribute to the company’s pursuit in supporting Qatar’s National Vision 2030.

He concluded by saying “The development & growth of competition in the private medical sector in the State of Qatar, whether at the level of services and medical specialties or the accumulated experience in the field, has resulted in creation of an increasing demand for treatment and medical services through private medical sector. This product brings an opportunity for those who desires to obtain their healthcare from hospitals & health centres that operate within the private medical sector

The importance of this product stems from the premise that health of an individual is one of the main factors in building an integrated health system. As such, obtaining high-quality healthcare services is important and crucial to ensuring that citizens & residents enjoy good health, in line with the comprehensive vision to advance the healthcare sector in Qatar within the National Health Strategy.”


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